E-OSFP(800G) Loopback

OSFP passive loopback module is used for testing OSFP transceiver ports under board level tests. This module is packaged in standard MSA housing compatible with all OSFP ports. Transmit data form the host and back to the host within this module, it provides an efficient way to verify OSFP ports during R&D test, production testing and field testing.
The module provides programmable power dissipation up to 23.5W allowing the module to emulate all the OSFP power classes. It also provides voltage sense, insertion counter, power staging, LED blinking rate, over temperature cut off and temperature sensors.

  • 3.3V voltage supply
  • Supports 8X28G NRZ and 8X56G PAM4 and 8X112G PAM4 electrical interface
  • Loops back TX to RX on all 8 ports
  • I2C interface & MSA compatible & Custom memory maps
  • 8 independent power heathers, with 0.5W solution up to 23.5W
  • 4 Thermistors on PCBA (Optional on the shell)
  • Hot-pluggable module
  • 2 statues LED indicator
  • Temperature monitor and alarms warning
  • Low speed signal control
  • Voltage monitoring

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